Our oatcakes are still traditionally made on the premises from the finest ingredients, including: Stone-ground Oat bran, Brown Wholemeal Flour and Hovis Wheatgerm. Oats are a particularly good form of fibre and also act to lower cholesterol. They are useful for people with a low gluten tolerance, as the gluten content is far lower than in wheat products, such as bread and pasta.

Tony making oatcakes

History of oatcakes

The North Staffordshire oatcake has existed for centuries, but its history is shrouded in myths and exaggerations. Certainly the expansion of pottery and mining during the industrial revolution led to large numbers of oatcake shops springing up in order to satisfy the appetites of new workers.

Oats are a great source of slow-release energy and for potters and miners alike, the oatcake was a welcome standby; eaten hot at breakfast and cold as part of lunch. While there are basic ingredients in oatcakes, each shop claimed its own secret recipe.

Anthony adding fillings to our oatcakes


Oatcakes can be served in a variety of ways and eaten hot or cold. Our oatcakes are best eaten fresh, but they can be frozen and reheated in either an oven or microwave. Oatcakes are a good source of fibre and are quite healthy, although their overall nutritional benefits depend on the type of filling.

A traditional Sunday breakfast in North Staffs consists of one or more cooked items; bacon, sausage, cheese, eggs, beans, tomatoes or mushrooms - rolled up in a hot oatcake. In our shop, we use these same fillings on single or double oatcakes; or combined into the popular Breakfast Box or Boxed Oatcake Special.

Tony adding fruit to pikelets


Our pikelets are made in the same way as oatcakes, using a mixture of plain and self raising flour; with currants, sultanas and raisins added to give a sweeter flavour. Pikelets are slightly smaller, but thicker than oatcakes; and are traditionally eaten either hot or cold, with either butter or sweet fillings like jam, honey or maple syrup.

Traditionally made

Oatcakes. Click to see larger picture.

Boxed Oatcake Special
Boxed Oatcake Special. Click to see larger picture.
Bacon, Sausage. Egg, Tomato, Beans, Cheese, Mushrooms.
All between 3 Oatcakes.

Breakfast Box
Breakfast Box. Click to see larger picture.
Bacon, 2 Sausages. Egg, Tomato, Beans, Mushrooms, with 2 Oatcakes.

Pikelets. Click to see larger picture.

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