Castle Oatcakes had been on the corner of 78 London Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme, since the early 1980's. Back then it was one of a number of shops making and selling oatcakes. Not to be confused with either the Scottish or Derbyshire versions, North Staffs oatcakes are made from oatmeal, flour and yeast, cooked on a griddle and are crêpe-like in appearance.

Unfortunately, in the last few years, a slow decline of traditional industries, together with the growth of fast-food outlets and the impact of factory-made oatcakes becoming available in supermarkets; has seen the squeezing of many oatcake shops outp of existence. But not Castle Oatcakes!!

We've received a top rating for food hygieneOur Shop

Now at the rear of 78 London Road, our new shop is brighter. Stainless steel, glass, modern tiles and a large photo of Brooklyn Bridge are not the usual things you see when you walk into a North Staffs oatcake shop. Yet our customers can still see oatcakes and pikelets being traditionally made.

In fact, all food being cooked or prepared is visible to customers. The shop complies with environmental health standards of food hygiene and all cold food is temperature recorded at least three times every day. We also sell a varied breakfast and lunch menu, including our ever popular Boxed Oatcake Special and for the warmer days our Boxed Salad Special.

Meet the Team

Lynne in the shopQuite simply, the reason for Castle Oatcakes' success is the staff. We work as a team in a relaxed atmosphere, with a good working relationship. Lynne is usually the first person customers see when they enter the shop. Tony is oatcake maker-in-chief. Haydyn assists with the baking and deliveries.

All other staff started weekend work whilst still at school and have stayed with us over the years. Anthony has been with us since 1994 and is part of the family. He bakes, makes up the "specials" and is the one you're likely to see if you order a delivery. Amy and Helen help to ensure the shop runs efficiently and customers leave satisfied.

Our shop & team

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Shop entrance

Shop is open:
Thurs. to Sat., 5am - 1.30pm
Sunday, 5am - 12.30pm

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Amy and Helen in front of shop

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